Kopfuss Resonator is a funny name and the first reaction is usually: "Ah?" Well, the inspiriation stems from a traditional African dish, a soup that consists of a sheep´s head (kopf) and feet (fuss). Kind of disgusting, okay ... but in the musical context it points out the very heart of Kopfuss Resonator: music that resonates through people enclosing mind and body.

Technically, Kopfuss Resonator is a techno live act ... no DJ-ing included. The mastermind behind Kopfuss Resonator is Mark Pfurtscheller.

This is the (short) story of Kopfuss Resonator: It all started some day in 1994 ... hard to specify by now, but it had definitely something to do with playing live at some underground event and falling deeply in love with the experience. Initially, the name was "Spect-r" and the project consisted of two people, Mark and Timmy. With rising success came the increasing demand by DJ's to put tracks on vinyl. So mid 1995 the first 12" was released: "This Is Acid" (Spect-r) followed by "True Freedom" (a co-production under the name Highscore). Both releases breathed a new sense of freshness into the electronic dance scene, and put Spect-r definitively on the global techno and trance map, especially abroad in England, Israel and Goa. Which led to the first international booking in Tel Aviv, Israel. Which, in turn, was responsible for the launch of the final project name: Kopfuss Resonator.

More releases followed, and in 1997 Kopfuss Resonator globally and badly rocked the techno trance scene with "Whipbird". Consequently, in 1998, the first Kopfuss Resonator longplayer was released with respect to the initial project name: spect-r module. The album was highly acknowledged by DJ´s in the international techno scene as well as by journalists.

It was the album that equiped Kopfuss Resonator with the final kick. They played all year long in Germany and abroad (e.g. New York/ USA) and were invited to perform as the only live act in the "XXL Ostermarsch", a 4-day rave marathon on a Frankfurt based radio & TV station that broadcasted live and had international reach via satellite and internet streaming. The invitation was repeated every year eversince then.

In 2002 Mark and Timmy parted and Mark continued working on new stuff for Kopfuss Resonator. In summer 2003, the third Kopfuss Resonator album will be released. New exquisit and sensual experinences from head to toe are guaranteed.